Amplified Piezo Actuators are specifically modified structures which amplifies the displacement produced by piezoelectric elements. Due to its flexural body and special design, these structures can withstand stresses produced by actuation. Since different applications require various characteristics such as high force and large displacements, these can be achieved with combination of piezo elements and particular designs. The Amplified Piezo Actuators present these features within the nanometer resolutions and also have very short response time. Owing to layered piezo stacks, these actuators operates at very low voltage below 120 V.

Key Specifications

Drive Voltage :                                      0 V-120 V

Displacement (Free Stroke) :                55 µm ± 15%

Max Push Force:                                   20 N

Resonant Frequency (Blocked-Free) : 1.4 kHz

Dimensions :                                         29 x 17 x 6 mm

Mass :                                                   4 gr