Tip Tilt Table

Tip-Tilt tables are precise positioning stages which provide two rotational axis motion in the order of milliradians with microradian resolutions. In order to ensure very precise rotations, these devices use Amplified Piezo Actuators produced by Ulsis. Due to some systems require different sizes and specifications, Tip-Tilt tables can be customized to provide the optimum performance.


Owing to experience in piezoelectric actuators, Ulsis can provide several DOF mechanisms with amplified piezo actuators in order to control motion precisely for different applications.

Key Specifications

Drive Voltage :                                      0 V-120 V

Tip – Tilt Rotation :                                2 mrad

Resonant Frequency (Blocked-Free) :  750 Hz

Dimensions:                                          70 x 70x 60 mm

Mass :                                                   74 gr