Ulsis is a design company has a capabilities of providing custom electronic and electro optic system design support to our customers. Additionally ulsis is providing system level electro optical analysis in specific areas.


The services provided by ulsis are listed as follow.

  • Electronics Circuit Design Solutions

    • Low Noise Analog Circuit Design

    • High Power Motor Driver Circuit Design

    • High Power Laser Diode Driver Design

    • High Power Wide Bandwidth Piezo Driver Design

    • Linear Power Amplifier Design

    • Power Circuit Design

    • Embedded Software Design

    • FPGA Design

    • System Level Electronic Architecture Design

  • Electro optic System Architecture Design

    • Imaging System Design

    • Image Quality Analysis

    • DRI(Detection, Recognition, Identification) Ranges Analysis

    • Photonic Sensor Analysis

  • Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance System Design & Analysis